A company's culture can be designed, but it takes the decision to design it and to design it well.

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I count her among the most inspirational and brilliant people I have the fortune to know
— Jakob Persson, Co-founder and CKO at NodeOne
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International Keynote Speaker and Thought Leader on the Future of Work

Therése Gedda has inspired more than 30,000 of people and graced stages in more than 10 countries over the last 17 years


Therése Gedda is an award-winning entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of 30minMBA. Today she brings 17+ years of experience within entrepreneurship to her executive coaching practice, where she built frameworks in transformative change. She's also an internationally sought-after speaker on topics such as Company Culture, the Future of Work, and the High Achiever Mindset. Therése has been named by the Nordic 100 as one of the most influential and impactful entrepreneurs from the Nordics. She is the recipient of the prestigious SKAPA award, given in memory of Alfred Nobel, which is awarded to leading founders.

And she has inspired more than 30,000 people in over 10 countries, engaging with audiences of 5 to 5000 at conferences such as TEDx, Web Summit, and TNW, as well as invitation-only events organized by Apple and LVMH. Offstage, Therése has been featured in NBC News, TNW, and CoFounder Magazine, to name a few.

After more than a decade as a Performance and Achievement Coach, Founder/Executive Coach, and Keynote Speaker, Therése founded 30minMBA – the award-winning company specializing in designing, re-designing, and scaling culture successfully. They help founders and executives to attract, keep, and lead High Achievers as well as living as high achievers themselves through executive coaching, assessments, workshops, and cultural consulting. While everyone else is focused on technology in the Future of Work, Therése's focus is on empowering companies and High Achievers to thrive in the context of disruptive changes in the workplace. It's time to put people first.

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Experience a Delivery with Outstanding Impact


Science meets Vision

Therése’s talks are founded on a unique combination of scientific research, working hands-on with companies globally, and a visionary mindset. She is a recognized thought-leader on the Future of Work and Culture. Therése and her team support companies in North America and Europe by re-imagining their workplaces through proprietary futuristic models and frameworks. Her insights go beyond industries, roles, and career stages.

Putting the Audience at the Center

Therése is focused on maximizing the impact of well-designed cultures and the wellbeing and performance of high achievers. Therése prioritizes being available for speakers dinners, meeting and interacting with audience members personally, and recording a short video before the event to promote it internally and/or externally.

A Multi-Talented Speaker

Therése has the unique ability to deliver keynote speeches from 15 to 60 minutes and workshops up to 8 hours at a time. Having worked with transformative change for over 15 years, another talent of hers is one-on-one executive coaching sessions.

Highly customized support

All talks and workshops are customized and centered on the client's vision, goals and context to ensure a lasting impact.


International Keynote Speaker and Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Therése has delivered keynotes, workshops, and coaching sessions to high achievers and high performing companies in more than 10 countries all over North America and Europe. She is recognized as one of the most influential people from the Nordics by Nordic 100 and has been awarded the SKAPA award in memory of Alfred Nobel.

Vast Experience in Business, Learning, and Entrepreneurship

For 17 years, she has inspired more than more than 30,000 people around the world as a serial entrepreneur, startup advisor, executive coach, keynote speaker, and guest professor.

From 5 to 5,000 people

Leading with a giving mindset, Therése is able to build strong connections with audiences of all sizes. Regardless if it's five executives in the boardroom, 100 thought-leaders at an invitation-only event or 5,000 professionals at a large conference, Therése is able to engage and inspire all.

Therése is an extraordinary entrepreneur and international motivational speaker. A conductor of energy and magnetism, she engages audiences through her passionate performances, providing audiences with immediate and actionable insights. Combining her background in elite fitness and her extensive professional experience, Therése has motivated people all over the world to reach their goals in both their personal and professional lives.
— Stefan Engeseth, Guest Professor and Author
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Therése has graced countless stages as a Keynote Speaker and inspired over 30,000 people

Here is a selection of endorsements

Having founded three companies over the years, I realized one important thing along the way – you can never afford to stop learning. As each company grew from a handful to hundreds of people, the challenges have rarely been the same, so after 15 years of start-ups, I had the pleasure of meeting and engaging Therese to be my personal founder/executive coach.

While I’ve worked with other “coaches” in the past, none of them had the extraordinary and rare combination of skills and experience that I found with Therese: she’s a founder herself, she’s worked with an international cohort of clients (giving her a uniquely diverse perspective), she’s a sought-after keynote speaker on business culture and lifestyle design (which are key for any entrepreneur or executive). Her programs are rooted in a behavioral science framework that allows each client to have a highly curated plan to achieve lifestyle and professional leadership goals; she then coaches you within a support structure that helps you stay accountable and ultimately catalyze the transformations you are seeking. By teaching you how to design and scale a strong culture, she shows you how to align the key pillars of leadership, recruitment, and strategy to grow your business.

She is always well-prepared and proactive in her teachings to ensure that her clients maximize the value of the programs. When I talk about Therese with fellow founders, I often refer to her as a “founder therapist” – someone that can empathize and share the burden of your journey and help you navigate successfully. I’ve personally recommended her to many of my founder friends who have subsequently gone on to refer her to their friends - a testament to her continued impact.
— Sridhar Iyengar, Founder and CEO at Elemental Machines
Therése has the ability to create magic – constantly, it seems. With loads of creativity and determination, Therese has demonstrated a remarkable ability to create exceptional value and media attention from limited resources. She is a phenomenal startup CEO, an incredible leader and she has an amazing passion for empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential. I’m proud to vouch for her, because I’ve seen from the inside how she works and what she does to always deliver - both on stage as a keynote speaker and behind-the-scenes in business. Therése is extremely talented across the board and with her determination, no industry is safe from disruption.
— Tony Friede, Investment Manager at VINNOVA
Being a strategic advisor of 30minMBA, I have had the great opportunity of working together with Therése. She is an amazing person and an exceptional leader who has built several companies from scratch. She started her entrepreneurial journey as a 17-year-old, founding a management consultancy company successfully working with startups and fast-growing firms for over a decade. With over 15 years as a founder and keynote speaker, she is one of the most talented individuals I have ever met. Therése has a great passion for entrepreneurship with a remarkable degree of commitment to her projects. The dedication to getting things done, the passion for challenging the status quo and empowering people to greatness, makes her an extraordinary inspiration for myself and other founders.
— Anneli Viklund, Innovation Expert at ALMI

Highly driven, goal-focused and with an extraordinary degree of commitment to her projects. She can handle the grit of being an entrepreneur – not being someone to quit or easily doubt her ideas or vision. She wants to bring about change and engages the people around her in her ideas. She is also an advocate of entrepreneurship and has helped countless people on their path to building their business. I count her among the most inspirational and brilliant people I have the fortune to know
— Jakob Persson, Co-founder and CKO at NodeOne
Good leaders inspire action, but great leaders inspire change! Therése has the ability to identify the smallest things that make you thrive and grow as a person both professionally and personally. She moves seamlessly between empirical evidence to business know-how. She has the global network to connect the individuals and ideas that create real impact and change the world for the better. Regardless, if you are looking for a keynote speaker to wow your audience or an experienced advisor to guide your board, Therése is a true asset.
— Jonathan Danemo, Analyst at Vinnova
Therése is an extraordinary Founder/Executive Coach, and working with her continues to have a significant impact on my career and life. I was originally introduced to Therése by a fellow founder when I was evaluating which direction to develop my career, and how to be happy and successful in my professional and personal life – while being well-aligned with my values and long-term goals.

Therése combines the experience from working with many other founders and being a founder herself with an incredible ability to connect and identify the underlying aspects to work on and to draw strength and energy from. With her help, I got more clarity on aspects and areas that I’d like to be important in my life, on my strengths, and my values. Additionally, she taught me techniques, and we adjusted them to my individual needs to take the next steps with more energy, clarity, and ultimately more success.

Therése is exceptional at custom-tailoring her frameworks and individual advice to create an immediate as well as long-lasting impact. I couldn’t be happier about working with her and have recommended her to many founders and other High Potential and High Achiever friends and colleagues.
— Jan Schnorr, Co-founder of C2Sense


 It's time to put people first and empower engagement

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The Companies Therése Has Founded


Re-imagining the workplace

30minMBA is an award-winning company dedicated to increasing workplace engagement through cultural consulting and actionable learning. In a context of the increasing importance of creativity and productivity along side the more than ever fierce competition for talent, we empower companies through a cultural transformation; preparing them for the Future of Work.

We help you design your purpose-driven company to keep and attract High Achievers and to build a strong base for growth focusing on purpose, values, and empowering behavior. We are uniquely positioned to serve startups, scale-ups, and fast-growing companies looking to build and grow a business in which culture, leadership, and strategy are enabling long-term sustainable success.


Grow personally and professionally to reach your full potential

This is for you – the High Achiever. The builder. The creator. The Giver. The leader. The change-maker. The thought leader. The innovator. To help you thrive. To realize your dreams. To achieve greatness. Be Brilliant Academy is designed for you.

The Be Brilliant Academy is built upon the purpose of empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Our ambition is to be the champion of all High Achievers out there. There are already plenty of options for the masses, so we decided to tailor all our courses to you. The ones who dare to dream big. The ones that imagine things that seem impossible and never settle. The ones who strive for more. All our actionable courses are founded in behavioral science, positive psychology, and extensive experience. Imagine developing your business and personal skills when and where it fits you. Welcome to Be Brilliant Academy!


17 Years and Over 10 Countries

Therése has inspired, motivated and empowered tens of thousands of people for 17 years including in New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Venice, Lisbon, Dublin, Stockholm, Barcelona, Boston, Amsterdam, Helsinki, San Francisco and the Bay Area at conferences, universities and corporate events such as

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Looking to Achieve Your Goals?

Watch Therése in a video on how to set goals and achieve them with the Goal Formula. This video is part of 30minMBA's Youtube series 'The Futuristic You – Increase your performance'