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I’ve personally recommended her to many of my founder friends who have subsequently gone on to refer her to their friends - a testament to her continued impact.
— Sridhar Iyengar, Founder and CEO at Elemental Machines

Are you a High Achiever looking to thrive?

Regardless of where you start today, getting greater clarity into your values, goals, and priorities is the foundation of lifestyle design. When we align our mindset and actions with what matters to us the most, we thrive. Performance and Achievement Coaching is designed to help you achieve that. To maximize your performance. To achieve your goals. To excel as a leader. To make the right business decisions to grow your company. Just imagine feeling a greater sense of clarity, direction, and excitement every day.

All our one-on-one coaching sessions are personalized and focused on empowering you to come closer to your full potential. The sessions are not only targeted on your role as a leader and High Achiever but can also include exploration and conversations on your company's culture, growth strategy, and operating model.

We are uniquely focused on you, the High Achiever and aim at transformative change on a professional and personal level using effective techniques from mentoring, advising and coaching combined.


Supporting High Achievers Reaching Greatness 


You decide

Your hopes and dreams set the agenda and we support you along the way with wisdom, insights and effective techniques.

Oriented by the best

You will be working with experienced and renowned Achievement and Performance Coaches that have inspired thousands of people globally to thrive.

We go to the heart of the matter

We go beyond the obvious and focus on strengthening your mindset and habits that serve you, in the long run, with the goal of achieving greatness.

A holistic view targeted at groundbreaking change

By focusing on underlying behaviors and thoughts that may or may not serve you, our goal is a transformative change that empowers you to reach your full potential.

Meet with us where and when it fits you

To experience a modern, time efficient and flexible way of connecting, the sessions are through video calls to allow you to seek out places that make you feel most comfortable.

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Meet Your Executive Coach

As a High Achiever herself, Therése Gedda works with High Achievers everywhere with the ambition to empower them to reach their full potential. She’s driven by making a difference and is using actionable techniques, empowering mindset and behaviors to do so.

Besides her Master’s degree from the Stockholm School of Economics, vast experience in behavioral science and positive psychology, she also has completed an International Coaching Education by Coach U in London.

Therése is recognized as one of the most influential individuals from the Nordics by Nordic 100. She has inspired and empowered more than 30,000 people over the world for the last 17 years in one-on-one meetings, group sessions and from stages in over ten countries.


Having founded three companies over the years, I realized one important thing along the way – you can never afford to stop learning. As each company grew from a handful to hundreds of people, the challenges have rarely been the same, so after 15 years of start-ups, I had the pleasure of meeting and engaging Therese to be my personal founder/executive coach.

While I’ve worked with other “coaches” in the past, none of them had the extraordinary and rare combination of skills and experience that I found with Therese: she’s a founder herself, she’s worked with an international cohort of clients (giving her a uniquely diverse perspective), she’s a sought-after keynote speaker on business culture and lifestyle design (which are key for any entrepreneur or executive). Her programs are rooted in a behavioral science framework that allows each client to have a highly curated plan to achieve lifestyle and professional leadership goals; she then coaches you within a support structure that helps you stay accountable and ultimately catalyze the transformations you are seeking. By teaching you how to design and scale a strong culture, she shows you how to align the key pillars of leadership, recruitment, and strategy to grow your business.

She is always well-prepared and proactive in her teachings to ensure that her clients maximize the value of the programs. When I talk about Therese with fellow founders, I often refer to her as a “founder therapist” – someone that can empathize and share the burden of your journey and help you navigate successfully. I’ve personally recommended her to many of my founder friends who have subsequently gone on to refer her to their friends - a testament to her continued impact.
— Sridhar Iyengar, Founder and CEO at Elemental Machines
She is also an advocate of entrepreneurship and has helped countless people on their path to building their business.
— Jakob Persson, Co-founder and CKO at NodeOne
She is also an exceptional facilitator and contributor: sharing her extensive knowledge with high energy and charisma, paired with professionalism and a genuine interest in making individuals excel.
— Annelie Sule, Innovation and Business Development Manager at Umbilical Design
Therése has the ability to identify the smallest things that make you thrive and grow as a person both professionally and personally.
— Jonathan Danemo, Analyst at Vinnova
Therése has motivated people all over the world to reach their goals in both their personal and professional lives.
— Stefan Engeseth, Guest Professor and Author
Therése is an extraordinary Founder/Executive Coach, and working with her continues to have a significant impact on my career and life. I was originally introduced to Therése by a fellow founder when I was evaluating which direction to develop my career, and how to be happy and successful in my professional and personal life – while being well-aligned with my values and long-term goals.

Therése combines the experience from working with many other founders and being a founder herself with an incredible ability to connect and identify the underlying aspects to work on and to draw strength and energy from. With her help, I got more clarity on aspects and areas that I’d like to be important in my life, on my strengths, and my values. Additionally, she taught me techniques, and we adjusted them to my individual needs to take the next steps with more energy, clarity, and ultimately more success.

Therése is exceptional at custom-tailoring her frameworks and individual advice to create an immediate as well as long-lasting impact. I couldn’t be happier about working with her and have recommended her to many founders and other High Potential and High Achiever friends and colleagues.
— Jan Schnorr, Co-founder of C2Sense

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