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International Keynote Speaker and Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Therése has inspired more than 30,000 of people and graced stages in more than 10 countries over the last 17 years

New York City, Toronto, Boston, London, Venice, Paris, Lisbon, Dublin, Barcelona, Stockholm, Amsterdam, San Francisco and the Bay Area, and more, Therese speaks in front of large as well as small audiences with great passion, at large conferences and invite-only events. She also delivers bespoke experiences for corporate workshops and events. Using storytelling, her own research and best practices, she brings a spark of brilliance wherever she goes.

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Learn how your company can design a thriving business culture and create the foundation of a highly engaged workforce


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The Future of Work is here. It's time to re-imagine the workplace to empower your high achievers better. At a private event organized by LVMH, I delivered a talk on trends on the Future of Work and how to re-imagine the workplace.


Therese has graced countless of stages as a Keynote Speaker
and inspired over 30,000 people around the world

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Do you want to see her magic live? Therese mainly speaks about Future of Work, Business Culture, Mindset, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  What follows are her most requested and popular talks


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