The Future of Work

Future of Work – How to Design and Scale a High-Performing Business Culture Where People Thrive

Covered topics: Business Culture, Leadership, Distributed Teams, The Future of Work, Engagement, Appreciation, and Achievement

Highly engaged individuals are building the successful companies of today and tomorrow. However, 85 percent of employees worldwide are not engaged in their work, leaving only 15 percent who are involved in and enthusiastic about their work, according to Gallup’s 2018 research. Low engagement is a barrier to creating high-performing companies and a waste of potential. High engagement is a driver of both productivity and profit. Culturally-driven companies have 18 percent more revenue per employee than the average, so overlooking the importance of culture would be a mistake.  

It’s time to re-imagine the workplace starting with a culture where people come first. Explore Therése’s futuristic models of designing and scaling a thriving culture that keeps and attracts the best people – the High Achievers. For too long, the impact of high achievers in the world have been overlooked, but no longer. Learn how to transform your culture to increase engagement and to build the company of the future. Welcome to The Future of Work!