The Future of Work

Future of Work – How to Design a High-Performing Business Culture Where People Thrive and Increase Workplace Engagement

Covered topics: Business Culture, Leadership, Distributed Teams, The Future of Work, Engagement, Appreciation, and Achievement

Successful individuals are building successful companies. However, only 15 percent of employees are engaged in their work globally— that is, involved in and enthusiastic about their work. Low engagement is a barrier to create high-performing cultures and a waste of potential. High engagement drives both productivity and profit, so to overlook the importance of engagement, the influence of the millennials in the workforce and the impact of the digital transformation would be a mistake. 

A cultural transformation is needed to attract and keep the high-performers and high-potentials of the future. What’s needed is new strategies to more efficiently prioritize employee development, future-orientation, and positivity. It’s time to re-imagine the workplace starting with the culture.

Learn how to design a purpose-oriented culture where people thrive. Learn what drives engagement and how you can lead with a giver mindset. Explore the value of performance-oriented, strengths-focused and engagement-based companies. And discover the ‘Future of work’ and how it applies to your company.