MAPPED Brilliance

MAPPED Brilliance – Thriving with the High Achiever Mindset

Covered topics: Mindset, Entrepreneurship, Positive Psychology, Thriving, and Passion

How do we thrive? Why do we sometimes struggle? How can we come closer to our own potential? Just as in the movie The Matrix, limitations are only in our mind. “There is no spoon.” There isn’t one way of being successful or living a fulfilled life. However, our mindset influences all aspects of our lives. Explore the key elements of thriving with the high achieving mindset both in your personal and professional life by applying MAPPED Brilliance.

This talk will show you how to experience a daily sense of achievement, how settling is the enemy, how passion is contagious and why it’s crucial to focus on your strengths while disregarding your weaknesses. Additionally, you will learn how to embrace opportunities, challenge fears and experience moment after moment of brilliance.