Designing a Thriving Startup Culture

Design a Thriving Startup Culture – How to Scale Your Business Successfully

Covered topics: Business Culture, Leadership, Distributed Teams, The Future of work, Engagement, Appreciation, and Achievement

It starts with the decision. The decision to build a purpose-driven startup. Culture is not just something that happens. It can be designed and designed well. Even if it’s easy to overlook the importance of culture for a startup, especially a young one, it influences everything. How well the team works together. How you engage customers. How you celebrate successes. How you share the rollercoaster with the team. How you build a brand. How you develop your product or service and how you grow. 

Learn how to design a thriving startup culture. Explore how culture effects productivity, achievements, and growth. Learn how to lead, recruit, train and measure on culture. Learn the key aspects that drive engagement and how to keep your company creative, fast-moving and innovative while growing.