Announcement! We're launching a new Founder Mastermind Program, and I need your help. 


After 17 years as a founder and executive/founder coach, I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in building and scaling a startup. I have met and worked with thousands of incredible founders over the years, but the same challenges keep coming up. I realized that it's not that the founders aren't capable of performing under the extreme pressure, but they are seldom supported to thrive. This is why we decided to design a unique executive education program for high performing founders called 'Founder Mastermind.' 

 The program is specifically designed for High Achieving Giving Founders with more than five years of startup experience. It covers topics such as peaking performance, futuristic leadership, designing a thriving culture, effective recruitment, scaling the startup successfully, and much more.

It's a highly customized learning experience alongside a reliable support system to share wisdom and actionable techniques to boost performance and fulfillment. Our first edition is in Boston, and it starts this fall. 

Now, I need your help in identifying and connecting with amazing founders. The program is based out of Boston, but it's open for local and international founders. 

Do you know someone you believe would be a perfect fit? I would love to connect with him/her. 

Are you a founder yourself and want to learn more? Feel free to reach out to me directly at therese (at) 

Discover more about the program at