NYU next!

Design a thriving culture.png

NYU next! This September, I have the honor of delivering a talk at NYU at their Startup School. The topic is ‘Design a Thriving Startup Culture – How to Scale Your Business Successfully.’ 

When starting or running a company, it’s easy to overlook the importance of culture. A thriving culture is not something that just happens. It can be designed and designed well. Even if it’s easy to overlook the importance of culture for a startup, especially a young one, culture influences everything: How well the teams work together. How you engage with customers. How you celebrate your successes. How you share the rollercoaster with your teams. How you build your brand. How you develop your product or service. And, how you grow. 

The last few months, I have had the great opportunity to speak in front of two MBA classes at Boston College and New York Institute of Technology, so I’m excited to meet current and aspiring founders from NYU next. If you want to learn more about the talk, check out: http://entrepreneur.nyu.edu/event/design-a-thriving-startup-culture-how-to-scale-your-business-successfully.

Note, this talk is only open for students and alumni from NYU, so if you would like to experience a talk or workshop on how you can design and scale culture successfully, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at therese@30minMBA.com. 


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