Culturally driven companies have 18% more revenue per employee than the average

How are you designing and scaling your culture to achieve success? Ready to explore the Future of Work to keep and attract the best people?


Re-imagining The Workplace


30minMBA is an award-winning company dedicated to increasing workplace engagement through cultural consulting and actionable learning. In a context of the increasing importance of creativity and productivity alongside the more than ever fierce competition for talent, we empower companies through a cultural transformation; preparing them for the Future of Work.

We help you design your purpose-driven company to keep and attract High Achievers and to build a strong base for growth focusing on purpose, values, and empowering behavior. We are uniquely positioned to serve startups, scale-ups, and fast-growing companies looking to build and grow a business in which culture, leadership, and strategy are enabling long-term sustainable success.



 Culture Determines Success


Culturally driven companies have 18% more revenue per employee than the average*

Only 15% of employees globally are engaged in their work*. However, a defining characteristic for high achieving companies is a strong and empowering culture.

The cost of one bad hire alone can exceed $25,000*

If an employee isn’t well-suited for the job or has a bad attitude and low engagement, he or she could significantly impact the company’s bottom line.

Organizations with a strong culture are hard to copy

The quickening pace of innovation means business models are more easily replicated. The ultimate competitive edge is a vibrant culture able to adapt and find new ways to succeed.

Lack of leadership capability costs U.S. corporations up to $550 billion annually*

A great leader inspires and guide others to achieve greatness and creates a platform for employees to thrive. However, this is a rare skill in today’s workplace.

It is easier to attract and keep high achievers for companies with a clear purpose

High Achievers and High Potentials are increasingly more difficult to recruit and retain, and a purpose aligned with who they are is one of the most important aspects that attracts them to one company over another.

Millennials will be 50% of the global workforce by 2020*

Millennials are gaining relevance in our societies as employees and customers. They have new priorities and are more concerned about the 'why' rather than the 'what' both for companies they work for and buy from.

*Source: Gallup statistics, Career Builder Survey, PWC Workforce of the Future


Re-imagining the workplace to enable the Future of Work

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Are you looking to explore the benefits of desigining a thriving business culture?


Cultural Consulting Packages

The Future of Work is here, and it starts with a thriving culture. We work closely with startups, scaleups and fast-growing companies on designing, re-designing and scaling their culture. Our services are delivered in customized packages according to the client’s goals. Explore the key areas we work with below.

  • Cultural Design – Design or re-design your culture to a purpose-driven approach that will scale as the company grows and that empowers your employees today and tomorrow.

  • Business Growth – Grow your company's operations to come closer to its purpose by focusing on the right cultural, leadership and strategic foundations.

  • Recruit and Retain on Culture – Attract High Achievers who match your values and culture by strengthening your recruitment processes.

  • Futuristic Work – Embrace futuristic ways of working that empower your High Achievers to innovate, grow and take the initiative.


Actionable Workshops

We deliver custom-designed workshops to support you in analyzing and creating an action plan to design or scale a thriving culture.

Are you looking to explore a specific topic within Future of Work, futuristic leadership or business culture with the aim of boosting motivation, engagement, collaboration or productivity?


A Modern Futuristic Leadership Program

To support leaders in your company to grow, we have a specially designed live online program to support your team leaders to explore futuristic leadership tools with the aim of excelling as a leader and increase teams' engagement, motivation, and productivity.


Highlighted Engagements

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By bringing their unique perspective on how to design and scale cultures to enable companies to grow sustainably, this program has had a lasting impact on our productivity and performance and has greatly improved collaboration and communication across the company.
— Sridhar Iyengar, Founder and CEO at Elemental Machines
I hereby give Therése Gedda my highest recommendation both as a strategic advisor and as a motivational speaker. I have had the great joy of encountering Ms. Gedda on several occasions and she continually over delivers – most lately as a keynote speaker on Internet Discovery Day, an industry leading event geared towards key people in the Swedish start-up and new media sectors. Her spoken qualities are excellent as well as her analytic capabilities as an advisor. I fail to see how anyone doing business with Therése Gedda could fail in being satisfied with the encounter.
— Johan Jörgensen, Founder and Partner at Grädde Invest. Venture Capitalist of the year, 2011
A collaboration with Therése Gedda means that you can feel completely confident with the outcome. She is very committed and is always well-prepared. She is amazing on stage, inspires many people and adds a great value to our participants. We at Venture Cup are very grateful and excited about our partnership with Therése.
— Emilie Lidgard, Regional Manager at Venture Cup Sweden
Therese is a very talented, sharp and competent professional who is extremely passionate about her work and making a difference. She has acquired immense knowledge through her experience as a serial entrepreneur and international speaker. This unique combination of personal experience and scientific research is what has made her, her business and the people around her so successful. I believe she is an invaluable mentor, speaker and advisor
— Jonas Almeling, Regional Director Nordics & Northern Europe of Startup Grind
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Our Approach


Empowering High Achievers

High Achievers are building today's and tomorrow's successful companies. High Achievers are engaged and driven individuals propelled by purpose and attracted by opportunities to grow and develop themselves. Our insights and tools celebrate, prioritize, and empower your High Achievers so you can keep and attract the best people in your company.


Startup and Scaleup Experience

Our interdisciplinary team's experience in building and growing businesses is vast. Our Founder alone has been in the global startup community for 17 years, and our extensive network in the community inspires actionable recommendations and enables our clients with valuable network opportunities.


It's All About Tomorrow

We are a visionary company with a belief in supporting companies to be successful today and most importantly tomorrow. We re-imagine your workplace with proprietary futuristic models and methodologies inspired by Therése Gedda's research and keynote speeches – an internationally recognized thought leader on Future of Work.

Long-Term Partnership

We believe in building strong and long-lasting relationship with our clients. We want to witness and support companies scaling their operations successfully and with a focus on creating sustainable long-term value. Our goal is to be our client's cultural and leadership support system.

Client-First Approach

Our consulting services, workshops, keynotes, and executive coaching are highly customized to the client's needs and context. We take great pride in ensuring maximum lasting impact.


A Cultural Transformation Ecosystem

Our services and our selected partner's products build an ecosystem to support every company building a strong cultural base for growth and success. We are offering services in different formats, which are tailored for several organizational roles and exploring various thematics including culture, leadership, and strategy.


We Teach You How To Fish

We believe in re-imagining the workplace for the better and enabling a long-term sustainable success path for our clients. This is only possible by building the internal capabilities to explore the learnings, models, and tools we provide.

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It’s time to put people first and empower engagement