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Imagine, you wake up full of energy and ready to kick off your day with an inspiring morning routine. You're excited about another amazing day, and when you arrive at your workplace, you feel energized and focused. You love what you do and keep achieving more and more every day. You get easily into flow and time just flies by. An hour feels like a minute. Your mindset and lifestyle are integrated into everything you do. You thrive. You are a high achiever who aims for the best and achieves greatness daily. At the end of the day, you fall asleep with a feeling of gratitude and fulfillment.

Now, are you the high achiever in this story or does your story sound a little different? The award-winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker and, achievement coach, Therése Gedda, can help you explore lifestyle design. To maximize your performance. To achieve your goals. To excel as a leader and take your work to the next level. Just imagine feeling a greater sense of clarity, direction, and excitement daily. It’s personalized and focused on empowering you to come closer to your full potential.

You decide what you want to cover in the calls. This is your time. Time invested in yourself and your future. With Therese extensive background, you can both discuss business and lifestyle topics. You will be meeting Therese personally on a video call on appear.in or FaceTime.

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Over 15 years, Therese inspired 10,000s of people around the world as a Keynote Speaker, Strategy Advisor and Performance and Achievement Coach

Here is a selection of endorsements given to her

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We believe that culture can be designed


Successful individuals are building successful companies. However, according to Gallup only 15 percent of employees are engaged in their work globally— that is, involved in and enthusiastic about their work. Low engagement is a barrier to create high-performing cultures and a waste of potential. Engaged employees – the high achievers and some of the high potentials – come to work each day with a sense of purpose, leave with a feeling of accomplishment, achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction, and are more productive.

They also have healthier lifestyles, higher levels of wellbeing, and lower absenteeism compared less engaged, or activity disengaged employees. High engagement drives both productivity and profit, so to overlook the importance of engagement would be a mistake.

Excellent leadership, autonomy, and mastery of talents and skills are key factors in attracting and keeping the highly engaged. 30minMBA supports companies with developing their people in leading better, communicating better and performing better, to achieve more. 

If your company is looking to design or re-design your culture to grow, visit 30minMBA to learn more or reach out to us directly at crew(at)30minMBA.com


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Want to explore some of the many projects Therese has worked with over the years? 

Here is a selection


+ From an ambitious idea to an international market supported by business mentoring

Therése was asked to support a startup as a mentor and business advisor. The business idea revolved around offering a set of services in the hospitality business. The startup was founded by a passionate team that had an idea that filled a clear gap in the market. The business plan was well written and focused on an extensive competitive analysis as well as the potential of the idea. What was missing, however, was a clear plan for executing their vision including sales strategies, marketing efforts and how the team efficiently could be formalized.

Also, Therése supported the team members individually and as a group to realize their business dream through mentoring. This included supporting them on a business and personal level, which comprised everything from identifying and formulating motivational goals, developing a company culture that promoted performance and productivity and excelling in each’s primary strengths. Therése also supported the entrepreneurs on business development such as refining strategies and action plans for sales, effective networking, partnership programs, marketing and financial profitability to achieve long-term results for the company.

As a result, the company gained momentum and started showing a significant increase in revenue. The success gave the founders confidence in the viability of the business idea. International growth followed after the successful use of creative guerrilla marketing activities at international business trade shows.

Some of the key results

  • Developing strategies and action plans that allowed the team to use their limited time and resources to effectively market their business.
  • Provided a platform for continued success by mentoring management in long-term growth strategies and practices.
  • Successful marketing campaigns helped the company gain international visibility in a crowded market segment.

+ Management consultant and executive catalyst for SSE Business Lab

SSE Business Lab is a pioneering incubator for startups by students and alumni at the Stockholm School of Economics. SSE Business Lab’s new executive officer saw the need to strengthen their ability to support aspiring entrepreneurs

Being a trained advisor as well as an entrepreneur, Therése was hired to develop a new organizational structure to support the advising process. To extend the reach of the program for aspiring entrepreneurs, Therése created a marketing plan and organized several events and workshops. The new program has fostered a culture of sharing and mutual learning, which has reached beyond borders and helped establish SSE Business Lab as a coveted incubator and respected brand.

Therése also took a direct part in the program itself and served as a strategic advisor and mentor to several of the startups. The mentoring led to that the entrepreneurs witnessed an increase in self-confidence and self-belief, greater focus on goals to achieve, the belief to start the business and launch an idea. For some of them, it was by receiving the necessary funding to do it.

Some of the key results

  • Culture of sharing and mutual learning which has resulted in a stronger brand.
  • A strengthened partner program connecting external advisors and companies.
  • Successfully mentored and advised several startups on business and personal development.

+ Head of the mentor program, project manager and recruiter for private college

The client, a private college in Sweden, had maintained a mentor program for its students for several years. However, the school’s board of directors realized that the program lacked sufficient direction and did not have enough impact. To remedy this, Therése was hired as project manager, recruiter and to be responsible for the program.

She nationally sourced and recruited 80 mentors to the school’s mentor program with 95 percent being at an executive level including CEO’s, business owners and marketing directors. Each participant committed to a two-year period and was offered inspiration and guidance on how to create and develop a successful mentor relationship.

During the 18 months long project, Therése was also responsible for organizing several events and conferences for the network with mentors and mentees. The program was a success and greatly beneficial for the school, its students, and mentors. As an enduring testament, Therése, then 17 years old, created and handed over a blueprint to ensure the optimal running and continued success of the program.

Some of the key results

  • Recruited 80 mentors for a two-year commitment with 95 percent holding an executive position.
  • Organized multiple events and conferences.
  • Created blueprint for the successful mentor program.

+ Culture and marketing advisor for rapidly growing company

Therése was hired as a strategic advisor and business consultant for a property realtor with 20 years’ experience in need of a more clearly defined business culture.

A highly successful business with intense rapid growth over many years had led to the company lacking a defined strategy, and it was missing a support system for staff development. As a result, efforts were not coordinated and it was hard for the team members to grow in their roles and to perform as well as they potentially could.

Therése helped the company find and reconnect to its values, set goals and express its vision in a way the team could relate to and use as a focal point to rally around.

Working closely with management, Therése developed marketing, sales and PR strategies implemented through concrete action plans. As a result, the company gained a more supportive culture fostering collaboration and a stronger team spirit contributing to higher performance among staff. Also, marketing efforts became agiler and, PR activities gained clarity and more consistency.

Some of the key results

  • A business culture characterized by performance, productivity and collaboration.
  • Market communication became more cost-efficient and impact-oriented, based on a strategy with clearly defined goals.
  • Stronger coordination in PR efforts, resulting in a more consistent standpoint regardless of channel and context.

+ Project manager for a techno-economic study of mobile TV for Stockholm School of Economics

In a groundbreaking cross-disciplinary research project in 2007 on the role of television on mobile devices, the Stockholm School of Economics collaborated with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in a project to produce a report on the findings. The project was delayed, and the deadline was quicklyapproaching and with the risk of the project overrunning its deadline, Therése was hired.

She was commissioned to be the project manager, which included strengthening collaboration, encouraging participants to work in a more target-oriented fashion and engaging with all contributors in the project such as professors, master students, editors, graphic designers and external experts. As part of the assignment, Therése led and supported the team members, provided an actionable and concrete plan and oversaw the execution and successful completion of the report.

Some of the key results

  • Project completed well before deadline.
  • Report exceeding expectations.
  • The cross-disciplinary goal of the report was achieved through the collaboration of all contributing parties.

+ Strategy consultant for an established company in the telecom and retail sector

The newly appointed board of a company with hundreds of employees operating in the telecom and retail sector was looking to revise the company’s vision and strategies. The board had identified untapped potential and was looking for ways to capitalize on it. It saw a need for developing the market communication and pricing strategies.

A market analysis report covering competition, market potential, and future trends The project was executed by Therése Gedda, who was hired as a strategy consultant. 
As part of this effort, Therése performed interviews with management from several departments, carried out a competitor analysis, evaluated existing partnerships and strengthened key ones. She also reviewed the product line and acted as an advisor on business development. As a result, Therése developed a marketing communication strategy, analyzed the company’s current pricing model and pinpointed possible areas for further development.

She supported the implementation and worked with several representatives from the board in order to strengthen a performance-oriented culture as well as creating several presentations and strategy reports for the board to evaluate.

Some of the key results

  • A comprehensive pricing report covering the current situation, possibilities available and actionable plans.
  • Strengthened key strategic partnerships.
  • Evaluation of overall business potential including a suggestion of a new brand position.
  • Inspired and supported a culture promoting horizontal collaboration across departments, goal-orientation and performance awareness.

+ Project manager and strategic advisor for real estate company

A real estate broker and developer of the private and commercial property, saw the potential to act on market trends and to expand their business into new directions. To execute the rebranding and repositioning required, Therése was hired as project manager and strategic advisor. 
To further that goal, Therése created a new marketing-, sales- and PR strategy, which included a competitor analysis. This formed the basis of an overall communication strategy, company branding and an actionable plan for executing the strategy in coordination with other efforts.

Besides strategic plans and advice, hands-on activities were also carried out such as copywriting, website designing, writing press releases as well as providing support during the development of the new brand profile and its pitch. Therése worked closely with the client and directed its management team throughout the project.

Some of the key results

  • An entirely new brand profile.
  • More consistent and effective market communication.
  • Increased awareness of values allowing the company to market itself based on its core identity.
  • Strengthened brand and market position.

+ Startup mentor for a young, aspiring entrepreneur who was looking for funding for a scalable venture

Formerly an employee for five years at a large established company, this aspiring entrepreneur asked Therése for advice about the path to realizing his entrepreneurial dream. Highly skilled and with a degree in a relevant field, this young entrepreneur wanted to raise capital to create a team to build a product. He did, however, lack a support system with advisors and mentors and needed direction on how to turn his idea into a concrete and actionable project.

This process was something Therése advised him on over several months. The business idea was highly scalable with great potential, and the strategy was to use Sweden as a test market. Having built up knowledge and understanding from years of working with this particular market segment, the entrepreneur identified a gap in the market that this product would neatly fill.

His ability to passionately communicate his vision and his ability to deliver under pressure were essential assets in work to raise capital and convince people to join the team.

Therése also provided guidance on how to formulate, refine and pitch the idea. The idea formulation became a key ingredient in the business plan. As a result of the guidance and support, the entrepreneur decided to leap into the unknown, commit fully to the vision and has since made the idea a reality with great success.

Some of the key results

  • The entrepreneur gained the confidence and determination needed to pursue his entrepreneurial dream and giving up the safety of regular employment.
  • Received support in developing short and long-term strategies, an action plan and skills needed to excel in his strengths and areas of interests as an entrepreneur and business leader.
  • Built a strong support system of mentors and advisors to be part of the journey over time.

A selection of additional business cases


+ Strategic advisor for the CEO of a fast-growing tech start-up

Therése was asked to serve as an advisor to a driven CEO with a team of 10 people looking to expand their business. The CEO received mentoring from Therése in planning for various scenarios such as best, normal and worst cases from financial and operational perspectives. She developed the CEO’s skills in leading the company based on its goals and building its culture, which included best practices on how to best motivate its staff. The CEO also received guidance in negotiation, how to work with efficient PR activities and incorporate guerrilla marketing in its overall strategies. As a result, the CEO became more confident in his role as a visionary leader; he was able to strengthen his delegation skills and motivate staff to increase collaboration and productivity.

+ Strategic speaking partner for a company with 200 employees

Strategic speaking partner for a midsize firm in the accounting and change management industry with 200 employees. Therése worked with the change management team on organizational-, sales- and marketing goals, strategies, and action plans. The workshops led by Therése served to make the department more energized, structured and profitable, all in a concise time.

+ Manager for several business events and large formal dinners

Manager and organizer of large, formal events and dinners with a range of 80-400 guests. The assignment included executing the vision for the different occasions. The goal of all of them was to create an extraordinary experience. Therése coordinated teams with 10-15 individuals to deliver a cohesive, flawless, attentive and non-intrusive service. The events were highly appreciated, and Therése was approached by attendees about being responsible for multiple weddings as well as several other formal events.

+ Executive consultant for a publication in the media sector

Therése was hired as a consultant to develop new, more efficient processes for the financial department and its overall workflow for a large publication in the media sector. Part of the project included developing ways for the team to work in a more proactive, organized and structured manner with the aim to improve planning and to reduce ad hoc work. The project also included training of a newly hired employee. After the ten week period, an intuitive guide and a strategic plan were written to demonstrate how to continuously carry out the new routines.

+ Strategy consultant in marketing, recruitment and organizational structure for company in manufacturing

Strategy consultant for a large, capital-intensive manufacturing company to support the management with its recruitment and market strategy. Therése worked closely with management on developing a new organizational model to better motivate employees. Together with the CEO and marketing director, she focused on optimizing the brand’s position and creating new marketing campaigns. Part of the assignment also included recruiting four product managers for the company’s different business areas. Upon completion of the project, spanning three months, four managers were hired, the organizational structure was revised, and the company’s market position was strengthened.

+ Business mentor for rapidly growing firm looking for the next challenge

A company in the education sector showing rapid growth over a couple of years had decided to raise external capital to accelerate its growth even further. Therése was consulted to advise the founder on key actions to make it happen and attract investors’ interest by showing the potential in the business model and the team. The company had grown organically with ad-hoc practices in place, and as a result, key strategies had not been designed or implemented.
After analyzing the company, its history and vision, actionable and concrete marketing and growth strategies were created together alongside a revised brand platform. A situation report on the market and its current development and the company’s overall communication plan were developed to be more consistent and recognizable on the market. 
Therése also advised the company on ways to implement best practices based on the latest research. She supported the introduction of performance and goal-oriented management and leadership that would align well with the company’s visionary and compassionate culture. As a result of these changes, the company improved its market communication, achieved a higher degree of consistency and successfully raised capital allowing it to grow to new markets.

+ Strategy consultant and advisor for serial entrepreneur launching new ventures

Working as a consultant on a project initiated by a serial entrepreneur launching a new business platform consisting of several services connected to education and business development, Therése transformed a vivid vision to concrete, actionable goals, ideas, and plans. She was asked to take part in implementing these plans and act as a sounding board to the owner of the two-year-long project. A situational analysis of the local market was made together with an analysis of best practices from other markets to be able to tailor-make the new services. The project also included developing synergies between the different services, building partnership programs, creating a brand platform for each service to aligning all marketing, sales and communication activities to build brand awareness. As a means to achieve even more significant momentum, team members, an advisory board, and strategic partners were recruited. The work was performed through strategic advising, direct operational leadership, and direction of the different teams. As a result, the impressive vision became efficient operational business models, and several new brands were born, companies built and business was successfully accomplished.