Serendipity Networking

Serendipity Networking – Connect, Care, and Make a Lasting First Impression

Covered topics: Networking, Charisma, Personal Branding, Pitching, Body Language, and Communication

You enter a room buzzing with energy from people laughing, talking and exchanging business cards. While hanging your jacket, you notice a couple of highly charismatic individuals that effortlessly mingle from one group to another greeting people, smiling and making even the most uncomfortable person in the group at ease. What's their secret?

Networking is a skill. It’s about building long-lasting relationships. It’s about sharing ideas, opportunities, and stories. Learn how to bring your most charismatic self to every event, how to invite serendipity into your conference experience and sharpen your listening skills. Learn how your body language speaks volumes, how to build rapport and how to present yourself and what you do with passion.